Log & Timber Profiles


Our premiere EPIC log series has a range of diameters from 6" up to the "Builder's Choice" 13" wall log. This higher caliber log series was created in order to show that the future of milled log homes is custom crafted boasting log lengths in upwards of 65 feet long. This long log capacity eliminates the need of unsightly joints, thus creating an integrity all of its own. The result...it's simply today's most superior and affordable dream log home.

The immense COLOSSAL log series is noted for log lengths up to 34' with available Swedish cope wall log sizes of 14", 15", 16" and 18". All of these sizes are accompanied with a saddle notch corner system.

Both log series define custom craftsmanship with every log seeing attention to detail to its fullest.An option to hand peel the logs gives it that rustic appearance in that of handcrafted.


Available in 6"x 8", 8"x 8", 6"x 12" and 8"x 12" with logs up to 65' to eliminate joints in the walls. The traditional dovetail is the true Appalachian-style log home. For those wanting the chink-style log on the outside with a smooth finish on the inside is standard. The popular "Hand Hewn" is also available upon request of which depicts a rustic hand adzed effect.

The D-log profile is available in 6" x 6", 6" x 8", 8" x 8", 6" x 12" & the sought after 8" x 12". This profile is also available in long lengths. D-logs can be coupled with either a Dovetail notch or a Saddle notch corner system.

NEW in 2023 - Massive 10 x 10, 10x 12 & 12 x 12 Pioneer & D Log Profiles.


All of our Swedish coped, T&G, D-Log & Timber Dovetail profiles can be split to the middle of the notch, thus retaining the full log tail. In doing so,  this process can be applied to any structure giving the exterior that rustic & fully constructed log home feel.

This concept is ideal for commercial projects, renovations, gable ends, dormers and detached garages & sheds.


Our heavy log siding profiles range from 6" to 12".  Available in standard lengths up to 16'.

Longer lengths upon request.

Profiles and Corner Options

Swedish Cope

Saddle notch corners available for the EPIC & COLOSSAL wall log series are 6" to 10", 12" to 16" and the massive 18".

Saddle notches available for the "D" Log series are for the 6x8, 8x8, 6x12 & JUMBO 8x12.

Pioneer & "D" Logs

Dovetail notches for PIONEER timber series are available in 4x8, 6x8, 6x12 & JUMBO 8x12.

Dovetail notches for "D" log series are for the 4x8, 6x8, 6x12 & JUMBO 8x12.

"True Match"

The Timber Post & Butt n Pass corners systems are quite simple joinery. The 2 corner systems are attainable for all profiles in both the "D" Log & PIONEER timber series.

Sizes from 6x6 up to the JUMBO 8x12.